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9 months ago

Results are in!

BIG thanks to the whopping 563 participants who shared input as part of the first ‘Your Lincoln Square’ Neighborhood Poll. We received responses from a wide range of ages (18 years to 66+ years) and neighborhood affiliations. From residents (81%) and property owners (39%), to employees (11%) and visitors (17%). The 10% of poll takers who marked “other” in regards to their connection to Lincoln Square, expanded on why they visit the neighborhood, noting (1) living nearby – Ravenswood, Ravenswood Manor, Bowmanville, Budlong Woods, Albany Park, and North Center; (2) children attend school in the neighborhood; (3) they shop and dine regularly in the Square; (4) volunteer at local events; and (5) simply put, “Love Lincoln Square.” Many participants relayed that they choose to spend their “social time” in Lincoln Square, while others highlighted that they were former residents and return frequently because, as noted above, they love the neighborhood.

Poll #1 Participant Profile | Age + Neighborhood Connection

What do you like most about Lincoln Square?

When asked what folks like most about Lincoln Square, the top two responses were the ‘Walkable Environment’ (79%) and ‘Quality of local shops, restaurants, businesses’ (71%), followed by ‘Access to Metra/CTA’ (37%), ‘Sense of Community’ (34%), ‘Community Festivals and Events’ (25%), ‘Safe Place to Raise a Family’ (23%), ‘Arts and Culture’ (10%), ‘Quality of Schools’ (7%) and ‘Other’ (2%). Those who selected “Other” highlighted locally-owned businesses, parks and trees, sense of safety in general, community organizations, diversity, and German influence.

What about Lincoln Square needs the most improvement?

When asked what about Lincoln Square needs the most improvement, the top three responses were ‘Traffic Congestion’ (55%); ‘Pedestrian and Bike Amenities’ (39%); and ‘Public Art and Celebration of Local Culture and History’ (38%), followed by ‘Community Gathering Places’ (32%); ‘Existing Parks and Open Spaces’ (26%); and ‘Community Events’ (14%). One out of every three respondents or 33% voted “Other” and shared a written response, the majority of which focused on:

· Housing affordability

· Stability, support and attraction of quality local retailers and restaurants

· Address vacancies / empty storefronts

· Western CTA station area

· Appearance of Western Avenue

· Improve North Lincoln Square / area north of Lawrence

· Placemaking at Lincoln and Lawrence where Lincoln Statue is

· Enhance streetscape and beautification

· Desire for a dog park

· Improve safety

Next Step: Take Quick Poll #2

Thank you again for sharing insights via the first neighborhood poll, website and at Apple Fest. All feedback – written, posted, mapped and vocalized – is being thoroughly recorded and reviewed. What’s cooler? We are excited see outreach themes emerging! These themes are derived from those ideas and desires that are being reiterated and supported by others. To help hone these themes and better understand project priorities, we have created a second neighborhood poll which focuses on placemaking considerations, public art, and site-specific improvements.

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